Training to Conceive

Preparing your Body, Mind, and Spirit for Conception, Pregnancy, and Parenthood

Module 1: 

East / West Fertility

This course will be an introduction to Chinese medicine and your menstrual cycle.

  • East/west fertility basics

  • Tracking your menstrual cycle & ovulation

  • Body literacy & how your hormones work

  • Meditation for fertility 

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Module 2: 

Stress & Fertility

This week we will focus on stress and its impact on fertility. We will learn tools for mediating stress, encouraging stress recovery, and eliciting the relaxation response.

  • How stress affects your body 
  • Acute vs chronic stress
  • Stress & fertility 
  • How long term stress impacts the body 
  • Techniques for stress management and recovery
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Module 3: 

Nutrition & Lifestyle

This week we will explore the many ways to feed your fertility. We will delve into healing and balancing the body through nutrition. 

  • What does it mean to nourish yourself? 

  • Guidelines for feeding your fertility - for meat-eaters and vegetarians

  • Toxins, hormones, and health
  • A holistic approach to nutrition

  • Moxibustion ('moxa") and other warming techniques to support digestion and fertility
  • Strategies to soothe the nervous system

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Module 4: 

Herbs, Supplements & Food as Medicine

  • In this module, we will focus on how herbs, supplements, and food can nourish our health and help fertility.
  • Food, supplements, and Chinese medicine
  • Techniques for improving and supporting digestion
  • Immunity & elimination
  • Optimizing fertility 
  • Real food nutrition breakdowns
  • How to make an herbal infusion for fertility
  • Abdominal massage
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Module 5: 

Supporting Fertility Changes With a Holistic Mindset

This week we dive deeper into East/West Fertility

  • A holistic look at fertility

  • Endometriosis & Adenomyosis

  • Polyps, fibroids, and cysts

  • PCOS

  • Structural obstacles to conception

  • Techniques for activating your energy pathways
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Module 6: 

When to Seek Help & What to Do When a Medical Approach Becomes Necessary

In our final lesson, we discuss some of the challenges that may arise throughout the journey and answer the question, when is it time to seek help?

  • When and how to seek help

  • Labs and tests for fertility 

  • IUI & IVF - and how to approach it holistically

  •  Third-party parenthood
  • Tools for balancing your energy 


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Bundle Price

$195 $97/ Full Course